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We can assist you in meeting all requirements for maintaining a drug-free work environment and performing key DOT and Non-DOT testing, including physicals, for your employees.

Emergency Services

24/7 emergency drug and/or alcohol screening for post-accident or reasonable suspicion.


Drug, Alcohol, DNA Testing

Drug & Alcohol Test

Alcohol testing utilizing urine, breath, and saliva methods. Whether you want to detect current alcohol impairment, recent alcohol consumption, or alcohol usage within the past 3 days, we offer the testing services that fit your needs.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug tests can test drug usage over a longer time period potentially signaling an individual’s habitual drug use. For that reason, while hair drug screening is a relatively new testing option, it is quickly becoming a popular choice among employers, courts, and governmental agencies.

Instant Drug Testing

You get the results right away, at the point where it's collected, usually within a few minutes. It's what we call an immunoassay screening; its purpose is to detect any presence of that category of drugs in the specimen. The result is either negative (it's not present) or non-negative (it is present).

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